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Create Your Own Face Mask

Prep Time:

1 hour



Who is this for?

For a Crafty Chickbabes

Items Needed

  • Some type of fabric like an old clean t-shirt or other cloth

  • Scissors

  • Rubber bands 

  • Ruler or tape measure


Step 1

Place a plate about 10-12 inches or 25-28 cm in diameter on top and pull around the plate. Then Cut A Once Cut it out, fold it twice so you have four curved triangles on top of each other, and then cut the sides of your triangles so you have four separate shapes.

Or You can also use this template below:

Step 2

Place one shape face up and the other face down, with the wrong sides of the material on the outside. Pin it on if you have pins. Do the same with the other two shapes.

Step 3

With a needle and thread, sew along the curved edge of your fabric using a running stitch or something similar. Ideally, there should be no gaps between the stitches. When you've done this, unfold the triangles to make something like a dome. as a structure place the domes with the front sides together.

Step 4

While holding the mask in place, sew around the edges of the mask, leaving a small gap at one end for you to secure a rubber band.

Step 5

You can then insert the elastic or ties by threading them through the hem with a safety pin or needle. Tie the elastic together and you're done. If you want, you can pull the ribbons so that the knots are in the mask and you are done.

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